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'Business Over Breakfast' - A promotional PR Dispatch film I created on an independent project, meaning I was behind the concept, filming, and editing processes.

I interned at both LFA PR and PR Dispatch in 2018. Located in central London, the offices were a great environment to network and create connections. Not only from working here did I further my professional network, but I took on the role and responsibilities of a PR and Social Media Assistant. This meant I was responsible for writing copy for social media and the website, creating still and video content for social media platforms (including gifs and moving image), helping to create and execute social media plans, social media engagement, website photography, contacting editors/dropping off samples, helping to secure press for brands, writing press releases, helping to run brand events and keeping LFA's Excel contact database up to date.

Scroll down to see some of the projects I completed when I was working here.

An informative journal post I wrote for the LFA PR website and newsletter detailing our
'5 Top Tips for PRing Your PR'. 
An informative journal post I wrote for the LFA PR website about Imposter Syndrome and how to tackle it.
In the wake of the GDPR crisis that had business owners fearing for their brands, I compiled a list of the best GDPR guides to help companies for the LFA Journal on the website.
For PR Dispatch, LFA PR's sister business, I created a social media plan infographic for brands that aren't neccessarily social media savvy regarding times to post to receive the most engagement with content.